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Communication is key to a great commissioned painting that both Artist and Collector enjoy. I hold my standards high when it comes to my commissioned work. First and foremost, I have to be completely satisfied with the result before I even consider delivering the final product to the Collector. If I feel the reference material given for the painting does not meet my needed requirements to do the job properly, I must decline the opportunity for the commissioned painting. I would love to be able to see exactly what you are envisioning to be created as a painting, but alas, I do not possess those skills. Commissions do take time and can be very demanding of the artist. Please know that I want the very best and sometimes that takes more work and patience. Please note, after commission is accepted, payment in full is required for me to begin the painting. Because I am not able to resell a commissioned painting in a gallery, the sale of a commissioned painting is final and there is no refund. That said, I am always willing to discuss making a revision to the painting, if needed.

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Desired Delivery Date of Commissioned Painting
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